Aeon of Sands - Summer Interview and New Gameplay Footage

IRN : How long has the development taken so far?

Starting in 2012, about 2 years of research, planning, story and pipeline (how to get the exact old-school look and feel), followed by 3 years of implementation (code, graphics, gameplay, story, audio), and almost 1 year of beta-testing and polishing.

Any idea of a release date?

Our plan is to release in 2018 !
We will disclose the release date in a few weeks on our blog; please do register for our newsletter if you want to be the first to know!

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Melee & Spell Combat Footage

Story Footage

Read the full interview at IndieRetroNews:

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Enjoy the summer folks:) !!

Marco  & Florian^TwoBitsKid

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